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10 percent of the world's population possess a genetic gift that manifests in a powerful, unstoppable drive.


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Doug has created a next level framework that is extraordinarily powerful and an invaluable resource for the highly driven. Providing insight, understanding and tools to better leverage ones unique gifts, that ultimately results in optimum performance.


Kate Brauer
Olympic Snowboarder & CEO of Yoga Six Studios

The concepts Dr. Doug has developed around what it means to be driven have radically transformed the way I view myself and how I navigate the world. To realize that my struggles with ADD/depression/anxiety are inherently a part of what are actually genetic strengths has created a deep sense of peace and inner confidence I never had before. Good news for all of you fellow Drivens out here - we're not broken!

Joel Furno
Founder & CEO of Citrin

Some People Are Born With a Drive…

Often seen in entrepreneurs, pro-athletes, inventors, adventurers and Navy SEALs. It’s in their DNA — research has shown that certain genes can manifest resilient and highly focused people who can also be impulsive and easily distracted. While these traits enabled our ancient ancestors to survive, if you have these traits today, it can create havoc in your life. You may be diagnosed with ADHD or OCD. But what the world tells you is a disorder may actually be your greatest gift.

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Dr. Douglas Brackmann

With two PhDs in Psychology, Dr. Doug has spent his entire career working with top performers to help them overcome their limiting beliefs, stop their cycle of shame, and achieve the ultimate personal and professional success.

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