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One Day to Find Your Freedom

What you learn over the course of this day will change your life forever… you just have to let it. In this immersive experience, you will move through moments of hyper-focus and hypo-focus, you will be connected to your most primal instincts – nothing else matters as thoughts and emotions subside.

There will be a moment at the end of the day when everything comes together in fractions of a second as you press through the trigger and wait for it… ping! A few seconds after that shot rings out you hear it hit its intended target almost 1,000 yards away.

There is a moment of exhilaration, satisfaction, success and freedom – freedom from everything that would have previously stopped you, freedom from the “cant’s, should’s, maybe’s and someday’s,” freedom from the persistent battle between your internal state and your external state.

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What Attendees are Saying…

Exhilarating. Terrifying. Exhausting. Body tremors. Tears. Laughs. The ultimate rollercoaster ride trying to find myself.

— Fernanda

The meditation and long-range shooting retreat was powerful and visceral on a level that is difficult to explain to anyone that hasn't been through it. An absolute must for anyone that identifies as Driven.

— Jason

The Shooting Meditation Experience

  • A Full day meditation and long-range shooting exercise
  • Guidance on a specific meditation style ideal for the Driven
  • Training on use of the guns
  • Group sharing and reflection, guided by Dr. Doug
  • Overnight accommodations and all meals provided
  • Each retreat is Limited to 8 people so you will have distinct one-on-one coaching as you move through the day.

Most who attend have little to no experience
with weapons so don’t let that stop you!

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