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Dr. Doug has put 25 years of research and experience into a book that explains the genetics behind our Driven nature and will teach you how to stop self-sabotage and doubt in order to reach your highest potential.

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Escape Into Reality

The Driven Shooting Retreat is an immersive learning experience to embody the present moment. In this retreat you will analyze your own tendency to sabotage, and finally know what it’s like to quiet your mind. One-day retreats (for individuals) and three-day retreats (for groups or teams) are available.

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Not your Mother’s Meditation

The Driven benefit from a specific kind of Japanese Zen teaching known as Rinzai-Ji. This open-eye, presenting style of meditation was originally developed in Japan for warriors. Most relaxation-focused styles of meditation don’t bode well for our hyper-frontality, leaving us frustrated with meditation and incapable of keeping a practice long enough to see benefits. 

The Eyes Wide Open Driven meditation course will help you develop and keep a meditation practice that allows you to gain mental clarity, increase confidence, and have a new understanding of the biology of your personal power. 

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Driven Dinners

These small group events are centered around fellowship with other Driven individuals and insight into specific topics or expertise--plus great food! Each guest list is carefully curated to create worthwhile dialogue around the chosen topic, and to build relationships that help you pull through meaningful change. Dates, locations, and topics will be announced at least 4 weeks in advance. Sign up for texts to get updates on dinner topics, dates, and locations.

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