The Eyes Wide Open Driven Meditation Course

Gain Clarity and Own Your Personal Power

Are you Driven and know that you have more potential than what you are achieving? This 6 week course will finally show you how to EXPERIENCE the next level of mental and physical performance.

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This Course will give you the tools and exercises you need to:

  • Understand the critical concepts that build our 'sense of self'
  • Develop awareness and orientation to the present
  • Notice sensations, emotions, and pause before you react
  • Let go of the illusion of control
  • Get stable in your central nervous system and stay there
  • Increase your bandwidth without suffering impulsive sabotage
  • Find the right sitting posture and breathing style for your practice
  • Apply the benefits of meditation to the rest of your life!

This is for you

Once you finally understand the 'self' and that its the ONLY true problem in your world, developing a meditation practice is a necessity. If you've read Driven and have our genetic "Curse" of shame and self sabotage, it's the only path to true freedom. Once we develop a meditation practice, a completely new way of optimizing our genetic gifts can be achieved. 

This is NOT a Religious based experience and all belief systems should find this practice congruent with all teachings. It is loosely following the Japanese Rinzai-Ji Zen tradition, but the old adage "take what fits and leave the rest" is very aligned with the Zen tradition. There is NO rigid dogma, ever. 

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Your Teacher

With two PhDs in Psychology, Dr. Doug has spent his entire career working with top performers to help them overcome their limiting beliefs, stop their cycle of shame, and achieve the ultimate personal and professional success. Dr. Doug has been teaching this style of meditation for over 15 years and has been working on his own daily practice for 25 years.

What You Get

  • 2-3 Weekly video lessons with expert instruction from Dr. Doug
  • Our Driven Meditation Guide bonus PDF for optimal postures and breathing
  • Bi-weekly check ins to track your progress and increase your awareness of resistance
  • A private Facebook Group to connect with other Drivens doing this work
  • Homework and Journal Prompts to help you notice sensations and embody your potential
  • Lifetime Access to continue studying and developing your practice
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I created this meditation course because for me, as a highly Driven individual, meditation is the only option. My life would implode from addictions, self-sabotage, and bad relationships without it. But so often I hear Driven people say 'meditation isn't for me.' Yes, relaxation training isn't for you. This style of meditation -- which allows you to practice your ability to be curious, to be present, and to be gentle -- is paramount to you finding peace and living the life you've always wanted. Just on the other side of these 6 weeks is that life. You are not alone, and you can do this.

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