Episode 111: Kelly Clements

Season #1

Kelly Clements is the creator of The Entreprenewer; a marriage centric coaching program for entrepreneurs. Her professional experience working for world class coaching programs like Strategic Coach and Lifebook have taught her how to work with driven entrepreneurs, but it was her personal experience that underscored why it was so important for both the entrepreneur and the spouse to have a coach. Kelly can seamlessly help bridge The Ambition Gap that many entrepreneurial couples experience, as well as giving relevant perspective changes to help couples connect at a deeper level. Her Relationship Spectrumā„¢ helps couples identify ways to create a healthier power dynamic, and her Presence Principlesā„¢ will help both parties get more enjoyment and intimacy out of the relationship. Author of The Power of Play, Praise, and Purpose, and Grow Your Business Without Growing Apart, Kelly provides actionable strategies to help entrepreneurs WIN at work and home. Link to course: https://courses.kellyclements.com/offers/FLqqFiA8