Episode 113: Patrick and Carissa Metzger

Season #1

Patrick Metzger has always been a teacher, coach, and facilitator at heart. After spending over a decade as a public school teacher and coach, where he helped build high-achieving teams and assist them in reaching their goals, Patrick decided to embark on the entrepreneurial journey. Within two years, he worked with clients across North America and performed professional talks and trainings. Patrick is passionate about using his teaching and coaching expertise in partnering with and supporting teams and leaders for growth and success as the CEO/Founder of The Greenhouse, as well as a Certified EOS ImplementerĀ®, Certified Value Builderā„¢ Advisor, and Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPAĀ®). He has worked with and spoken to 100+ organizations across the Midwest and nation within various industries to help them grow to the next stage and achieve their goals. Patrick enjoys guiding everyone from young startups, laying the foundational bricks of success to billion-dollar companies, increasing efficiencies, and making a greater impact in the world.

Carissa Metzger has a proven track record of using her expertise and attention to detail within project management and operations to elevate teams. After spending over a decade managing an international logistics office for one of the largest agricultural shipping companies in North Dakota, Carissa stepped into a project management position for one of the biggest national window manufacturers in the United States. After leaving the corporate workforce to assist her husband, Greenhouse CEO/Founder Patrick Metzger, in launching the business, Carissa now helps keep the train on track by focusing primarily on
internal operations and project management for The Greenhouse team. Carissa also finds the time to fulfill her lifelong passion for home design by working part-time as a design assistant for a high-end designer in Fargo-Moorhead.