Episode 115: Benny Fisher

Season #1

Benny Fisher, Founder and Visionary of The Big Fish Contracting Company, Co-Founder of The Arena Mastermind, Business Growth Leader for Contractor Dynamics, and host of The Big Fish Cares Podcast, leads with love and authenticity, masterfully transforming pain into purpose. His empathetic approach inspires others to consciously design their lives, a reflection of his own journey through adversity to success. As he nears the 100th episode of his impactful podcast and conducts transformative workshops, Benny's dedication to guiding individuals in reshaping challenges into growth opportunities cements him as a significant and inspirational figure in the business community, encouraging many to navigate their paths with heart and intentional action. Website links https://bennyfisher.com/ https://arenamastermind.co/ https://www.contractordynamics.com https://www.thebigfishco.com Social Media links LI: www.linkedin.com/in/fisherbenny FB: @fisherbenny IG: @bigfish.benny X: @fisherbenny Campsite: https://campsite.to/bennyfisher